Cyplan® ORC in Lahendong, Indonesia
Cyplan® ORC at night

Lahendong, Indonesia

You will get a little insight into the customized system of Dürr, which has been explicitly adapted to the needs of your customer. As well as the performance of the machine and how Dürr solved it.

Facts at a glance

  • Customer: deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum
  • Application: Geothermal Energy
  • Model: Cyplan® ORC 500 LT
  • Heat source: hot water intermediate loop
  • Heat extraction: try cooler
  • Location: Lahendong, Indonesia
  • Description: hot water
  • Status: in operation since 2017

What is the goal?

The basis for this project is a geothermal steam turbine. Thermal water is pumped out of a geothermal well to the surface. With the help of a Seperators water is split off from the steam. The steam is used in a turbine to generate electricity. In order to increase the geothermal supply potential, the thermal energy of the remaining thermal water must be converted into electrical energy. The challenge here was the integration of the ORC plant while maintaining the upstream power generation process. In addition, the ORC module must have local environmental conditions and be able to handle network fluctuations.

What is our solution?

In this project, a Cyplan® ORC 500 LT was installed, which converts the hot water that would not otherwise be used for power generation into electrical energy, without affecting the operation of the proposed geothermal power plant.

Why Cyplan ORC Technology?

Due to the robust design of all plant components, long service lives are possible even under difficult conditions. The working medium used is selected individually depending on the framework conditions. This achieves high electrical efficiencies and significantly increases the efficiency of the entire process. Due to the low number of wear parts, the customer will incur minimal maintenance costs, thus ensuring an overall economic package. This provides a basis for highest profitability.