Cyplan® ORC Groß-Gerau

Groß-Gerau, Germany

You will get a little insight into the customized system of Dürr, which has been explicitly adapted to the needs of your customer. As well as the performance of the machine and how Dürr solved it.

Facts at a glance

What is the goal?

The customer generates electricity and heat in a biogas-fired combined heat and power plant (CHP). The CHP generates more heat in the balance than can be used on the biogas plant. The installation of the ORC system should fundamentally change the heating concept. By installing the ORC system, the current efficiency is significantly increased and the waste heat of the ORC system delivers heat at a temperature level of 90° C for a neighboring herb drying plant.

The challenge here was the integration of the first commercial Cyplan CHP concept in the field. This innovation was later awarded the Environmental Technology Award of the State of Baden Württemberg.

What is our solution?

For this project, we have installed a Cyplan® ORC 70 HT CHP as a suitable ORC module, which provides about 275 kWth. The flexible heat extraction up to 95° C leads to our untouched heat condenser. Another advantage is that this compact module is very space-saving.

Why Cyplan ORC Technology?

The advantage of a Cyplan® ORC system, as in this case, is the great innovation due to the direct evaporation of the flue gas. The transmission losses of the ORC system are minimized by the simple integration, so that the system achieves the highest efficiency and the best efficiency. Due to the low number of wear parts, the customer will incur minimal maintenance costs, thus ensuring an overall economic package. This provides a basis for highest profitability. Furthermore, our systems have a heat extraction up to 90° C and a power-generating exhaust gas heat exchanger.

Without exception, in this performance class we are unrivaled in the Organic Rankine Cycle market.