paddle wheel and steam housing
Front view of a labyrinth
Representation of a steam housing
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Cyplan®ORC-Technology (Organic Rankine Cycle) is a key technology used for generating electricity from decentralized heat sources. The Cyplan® technology approach offers the world’s most flexible ORC platform in a small to medium power range. We know your needs, because we are the key to release your energy.



Cyplan® ORC-Technology (Organic Rankine Cycle) is a key technology to generate electricity from decentralized heat sources. Thanks to their efficiency and flexibility, ORC technology can profitably transform unused thermal energy with a temperature range between 90 - 600° C into useful power.

Your advantages with a Cyplan® ORC-system:

  • CO2–free electricity generation
  • Reduction of operational cost for power generation
  • More independence through the use of self-generated energy

The application areas of our Cyplan® ORC are wide-ranging. In geothermal-, industrial-, solar heat systems, engines / CHP units, biomass and waste gas burning, and gas turbines you can benefit enormously from Cyplan® ORC. A lot of unused heat generate in these industries, can be meaningfully used with an ORC system and self-generated electricity can be generated.